Autoantibody-based Precision Immuno-Profiling and Therapeutics

In addition to producing antibodies against foreign molecules, the immune system generates antibodies to self-antigens (“autoantibodies”) in response to many pathological processes. Autoantibodies have several properties which make them excellent indicators of disease and their detection forms the basis of many in vitro diagnostic tests. It is believed that autoantibodies are generated through over-expression, mutation, release of proteins from damaged tissues, mis-folding or mis-presentation of proteins which leads to their recognition by the immune system.

Unlike other serological targets, autoantibodies are stable, highly specific, easily purified from serum, and are readily detectable with well-validated secondary reagents. Due to their inherent amplification within the immune system, autoantibodies are relatively abundant and are easily measured, making them ideal for early diagnosis of disease. The Sengenics IMMUNOME™ protein array has been successfully used to identify predictive, pathologic and protective biomarkers for cancers, autoimmune and neurodegenerative diseases.


IMMUNOME Protein Array

High-throughput autoantibody screening protein array containing 1600+ autoantigens


Contains correctly folded antigens from SARS-CoV-2 and 25 other Corona and Influenza viruses

SEROMAX Blood Collection Kit

Obviates conventional blood draw and cold chain by only requiring a pin-prick of blood

Sengenics - Functional Proteomics | Krex Technology | Protein Array Supplier

Sengenics is a functional proteomics company that leverages its patented KREX technology for production of full-length, correctly folded and functional proteins. The key application of KREX is the discovery of autoantibody biomarkers for two core medical use cases:  stratification of patients undergoing treatment with autoimmune or cancer drugs and identification of autoantibody biomarkers that may be used to diagnose cancer, autoimmune or neurodegenerative conditions. Some autoantibodies that are identified as diagnostic biomarkers may be protective and have potential in themselves as therapeutic biomolecules.

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