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Seromax Instructions Guide | Sengenics Proteomics | Krex Protein Microarrays
  1. Wipe alcohol swab across your fingertip
  2. Twist off the cap from the lancet
  1. Prick finger by pushing lancet firmly down with your other hand
  2. Press finger lightly towards the puncture site to obtain blood
  1. Gently drip blood onto all 4 circles of the blood card (ensuring that the blood soaks through to the other side of the card)
  2. Insert blood card into the sleeve and biohazard bag before posting the whole box back to your service provider


High-throughput autoantibody profiling against 1600+ proteins

Quantification of autoantibodies to 200+ clinically relevant CT antigens

Simultaneous screening of 100+
wild-type and mutant p53

Multi-antigen, multi-domain
COVID-19 antibody test

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Sengenics is a Functional Proteomics company that leverages its patented KREX technology to discover autoantibody biomarker signatures for prediction of drug response and severe immune-related adverse events (irAEs). KREX can also be used to identify autoantibody biomarkers to diagnose cancer, autoimmune, neurodegenerative or infectious diseases with higher sensitivity and specificity than conventional diagnostic tests. Some autoantibodies that are identified as diagnostic biomarkers may be protective and have potential in themselves as therapeutic biomolecules.

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