Introducing i-Ome Discovery Immunoprofiling

Our immunoprofiling service enables profiling against more than 1800 disease relevant antigens with two simultaneous isotypes (IgG/IgA), capturing nearly 4000 data points.

Diversity. Precision. Specificity.

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Industry-first seromics technology

Our patented KREX® protein folding technology provides unique capabilities that accelerate the discovery of clinically relevant biomarkers.

Biotech company

So useful! We are very excited about the data.

– Biotech company

Academic institution

Really cool that you can screen that much in a short amount of time.

– Academic institution

Large pharma company

We need this in all of our projects.

– Large pharma company

Large pharma company

This is certainly clinically relevant data.

– Large pharma company

IgG – IgA Autoantobodies Dual Color Profiling

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Autoantibody Profiling

Discover and validate new autoantibody biomarkers and biomarker signatures with unmatched specificity and reproducibility.