Focusing on COVID-19

Sengenics can provide antibody profiling and neutralization assays against multiple spike and nucleocapsid variants of the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) virus, along with full-length and truncated cytokines. Our patented KREX® protein folding technology ensures only full-length, correctly folded proteins are analyzed, resulting in highly specific and reproducible data.

Our ImmuSAFE Protein Array provides three different results:

  • Levels of antibody to the virus (we test 9 epitopes on the spike and nucleocapsid proteins).
  • Measurement of Ab neutralizing capability (ability to block viral particles from binding to the ACE-2 receptor) to assess whether Abs are protective.
  • Levels of autoantibodies to proteins like INFγ and TNFα produced during the course of the disease and potentially relevant in the broader immune response.