An increased level of specific, circulating autoantibodies reflects the overall state of an individual’s immune response to disease. The presence of such autoantibodies in otherwise healthy individuals might be an indicator of future disorders. This suggests that autoantibody signatures—combinations of autoantibodies—may serve as powerful predictors of disease, potentially enabling detection even before the development of physical symptoms.

Having the ability to interrogate many autoantibody targets in a single assay can help accelerate the identification and validation of signatures with high predictive value.

Accelerating discovery of autoantibody signatures

Sengenics can help, with solutions to support discovery of biomarker signatures. Our high-density protein microarray assays enable highly specific and reproducible detection of disease-relevant autoantibodies directly from patient serum.

Related Study

Predictive Autoantibody Biomarker Panel in NSCLC

Kaplan Meier curve showing overall survival of patients with high and low expression of a 13-autoantibody biomarker signature in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients who have undergone lung resection.  Poor survivor ship is demonstrated in patient with high expression of the signature with an overall 5-year survival rate of 7.6%.​

Source: Patel, A.J., A highly predictive autoantibody-based biomarker panel for prognosis in early-stage NSCLC with potential therapeutic implications, British Journal of Cancer (2021)​.

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