Autoantibodies Are Ideal Biomarkers

Autoantibodies target the body’s own proteins and are generated by the humoral immune system, which constantly surveils the body for aberrantly-folded proteins often present in disease.

Below are six reasons why you should consider autoantibody biomarkers:

  • Easy Collection: Non-invasive blood draws capture circulating autoantibodies.
  • Enhanced Stability: More stable than mRNA and proteins, antibodies are reliable biomarkers that are easy to store and transport
  • Immune Insight: Directly assess immune responses to disease with autoantibody data
  • High Specificity: Detect even low levels of autoantibodies for sensitive biomarker screening
  • Early Detection: Autoantibodies are often expressed years before symptoms appear
  • Diverse Applications: Use autoantibodies for diagnosis, prognosis, and patient stratification, as well as to understand disease mechanisms (Learn more)