Sengenics Bolsters Leadership Team with Two New Appointments

Sengenics, the Functional Proteomics Company, today announced the appointment of Daniel Tan as Chief Financial Officer and Mark D. Quigley as Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing. This announcement comes as Sengenics sees continued growth with the planned establishment of a research facility in Massachusetts, USA. Daniel Tan is a highly accomplished Chief Financial […]

Sengenics Launches AxCESS, a Research Services Suite to Enable Wider Accessibility to Protein Arrays Developed Using its Patented KREX Protein Folding Technology

Sengenics, the Functional Proteomics Company, today announced the commercial launch of the Sengenics AxCESS research services suite which features three new KREX-based functional protein arrays developed for higher throughput and cost-effective immuno-proteomics applications. This range of arrays aims to provide greater access to Sengenics’ KREX technology to further facilitate autoantibody characterisation with a focus on […]

Sengenics Awarded Prestigious Michael J. Fox Foundation Grant to Determine the Role of Autoantibodies in the Progression of Parkinson’s

Sengenics, the Functional Proteomics Company, has been awarded a prestigious research grant by The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research (MJFF) to identify novel autoantibody signatures related to non-motor symptoms in individuals with high risk of Parkinson’s disease (PD) from the Parkinson’s Associated Risk Study (PARS). The objective of the study will be to […]

Sengenics Launches SEROMAX, an At-Home, Antibody Sample Collection Kit That Will Revolutionise Patient Recruitment and Monitoring in Clinical Trials

Sengenics, the Functional Proteomics Company, today announced the launch of SEROMAX, a sample collection kit which only requires a pin-prick amount of blood for quantifying antibodies or autoantibodies. Conventional antibody sample collection methods require patients to visit a clinical site where a physician would commonly need to draw a minimum of 0.5 ml of blood. […]

Summa Equity Acquires Sengenics to Advance Precision Medicine through Proteomics

Summa Equity, the purpose-driven private equity firm that invests to solve global challenges, has acquired a majority stake in Sengenics, a functional proteomics company with a proprietary technology called KREX that enables researchers to vastly improve the understanding of the human proteome and immune system. Proteomics, i.e. the large-scale study of proteins, is one of […]

Sengenics Launches ImmuSAFE COVID+, the World’s First High-Throughput, Multi-Antigen COVID-19 Biochip Test

Sengenics, the Functional Proteomics Company, today announced the launch of ImmuSAFE™ COVID+, a multi-antigen, multi-domain, fully quantitative serology test. ImmuSAFE™ enables the determination of the target epitopes, titres and Ig class/sub-class (IgG, IgA, IgM; IgG1-4) of antibodies produced across all stages of COVID-19 infection, from initial exposure, disease development, post-recovery or post-vaccination. These results will provide […]

Sengenics Announces New Research Collaboration with GSK Focusing on Immunology

Sengenics, the Functional Proteomics Company, announced today that it has entered into a research collaboration agreement with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). The collaboration will combine Sengenics’ functional proteomics capabilities with GSK’s scientific expertise in immunology, especially in drug discovery. The collaboration will leverage Sengenics’ proprietary KREX™ technology to validate novel autoantibody biomarkers in patients with autoimmune diseases. […]

Sengenics Successfully Produces Functional COVID-19 Antigens and Makes Them Available for Research and Vaccine Development

Sengenics, a leading precision medicine company, today announced that the company has made full-length, correctly folded and functional COVID-19 antigens available for purchase for both research and vaccine development purposes. Sengenics has successfully expressed these antigens using the company’s patented and validated KREX™technology. ”The surge of COVID-19 infections has pushed us to accelerate the production […]