Sengenics Strengthens Strategy to Enable Wider Access to Patented Protein Microarray Technology with the Launch of the Sengenics i-Ome® Protein Array Kit

Sengenics today announced the commercial launch of the i-Ome® Protein Array Kit. The i-Ome® Protein Array Kit contains slide-based, high density protein microarrays, comprised of 1600+ immobilized, full-length, correctly folded human proteins. The new product brings the KREXTM technology within reach to deliver a best-in-class autoantibody discovery tool and to enable researchers focused on autoantibody biomarker identification in the autoimmune disease, immuno-oncology and neuroinflammation fields.

“The Sengenics i-Ome® Protein Array Kit offers greater access to exceptional autoantibody discovery power and operating efficiency, unlocking highly multiplexed applications,” said Dr. Arif Anwar, Sengenics CEO. “Bearing in mind our customers’ needs, Sengenics reimagined the kit with innovative solutions that extend the unmatched accuracy and reproducibility of KREXTM technology to fuel more in-depth research across the autoimmune, immuno-oncology and neurology fields.”

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About Sengenics

Sengenics is a precision medicine company working to improve patient outcomes through physiologically relevant, data-guided decision making. Our solutions enable the discovery and validation of autoantibody biomarker signatures for patient stratification, therapeutic response prediction and development of companion diagnostics.

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